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Len and Carly

Karen made the sale of my home easy and seamless. She paid attention to all the details of preparing my home to list. She was positive, caring, productive and always worked for my best interests. Thank you Karen for helping to make this an enjoyable experience.

Karen Kristine

March 2015

This letter is to thank you , for being so supportive and helpful, when I was negotiating the sale of my plot of land.   You gave me the courage to make a counter-offer that suited me, rather than being railroaded into conditions and a price that suited the buyer.   You supervised my final acceptance of the Agreement to Purchase,  so that I didn’t make any errors on the documents.  Your calm and friendly manner took the stress out of the whole process of accomplishing the transaction.   I would not hesitate to tell anyone , that you are a treasure as a real estate agent, but more than that, you are a mega-friend!

Sincerely ,  Cecilia Ignatieff                                                                                  


It is with such gratitude that you helped me sell my house. Now I can

 have closure and move on to another chapter of my life. I look forward

 to finally settling in at my home in Campbellford :)


 Warm regards and let's stay in touch. It was an honour and pleasure.

Cynthia Vandevenne

 Karen was given a near impossible sales challenge and delivered the highest results. She was asked to sell our house in Nepean within I month. She studied the market, held 3 open houses, staged the house and the house was SOLD within two weeks!!

I can not say enough positive things about Karen. She is devoted, kind, understanding and available. Her slogan is"I Listen, I Care,I Help, We Succeed!!. This can not be any true-er (if that's a word!). She gave 200% and dealt with some very uncomfortable situations. She always took the time to call and give updates as well as taking the needed and appropriate time each step of our sale process. She even follows-up after the sale!! I just can't believe my luck!!

Today is the day that I sign the sale papers at the lawyers' firm to finalize the "deal". I am very grateful and thankful for Karen. I was truly blessed to have her as my Sales Agent and I thank my lucky stars. I truly believe that Karen goes above and beyond the call of duty.



I'm so thankful to have had you in my life this year. You've taught me how to be a more positive, accepting and caring kind of person.

Jeff and Sharon


Sharon and I Thank you for introducing us to Arnold and Ursula. We appreciated your experience in guiding us along.... Thanks also for the appraisal on Mom's home to share with my sister. We have made a new friend in teh Real Estae Industsry and won't forget your kindness.

Jeff and Sharon